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Compliance statements

Many providers claim compliance with various organizations’ security standards. Upon checking, however, you see that many rely on third-party suppliers’ credentials -- without necessarily making their own network compliant.
Interfax, ShieldQ's developer, makes sure your documents are safe with us, undergoing rigorous evaluations to achieve certifications. Our list includes links to certifications.

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We’ve achieved our Attestation of Compliance from an approved quality security assessor for the highest PCI-DSS accreditation: Level 1.

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Medical records protection concerns patients and providers. That’s why they have three security levels for HIPAA-compliant faxing: technical, physical and procedural.

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Interfax is Certification Europe-approved for ISO 27001, making ShieldQ the only multi-channel data management/storage service ensuring customer data security.

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ShieldQ is EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-ready, routing customers’ personal data within EU boundaries (or any authorized country).

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ShieldQ, as part of InterFax, is Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST)-certified, which provides affirmation that a company safeguards sensitive information and manages information risk for organizations across all industries and throughout the third-party supply chain.

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