Use ShieldQ's secure online repository to protect payment card and personal data

Bookings via fax, email or forms may contain unsecured credit card and other personal data. If there's a breach, your hotel's profitability and reputation could be affected.

Ease your mind: with ShieldQ’s cloud-based, PCI DSS-accredited platform, you can receive and share all documents via a secure, online document repository.

Clinic reception staff still manually handles -- and misplaces -- documents containing sensitive medical records. It could cost you millions in damages. 

With cloud-based ShieldQ, you'll never need to search for documents again. We offer several ways to accept records: into an accredited, virtual in-tray, and via webforms, which patients can fill in, add documentation, sign and submit into our HIPAA-compliant platform.

When clients hand over their sensitive financial information -- like tax returns and other financial reports -- they trust you to protect these documents from harm or exposure.

Place your trust in ShieldQ, the cloud-based, PCI DSS-accredited, ISO 27001-certified platform that lets you handle confidential paperwork within a secure, online document repository.

Clients send you sensitive data, like loan applications containing financial records, using insecure communication methods: email, fax and other means.

Safeguard this information with ShieldQ's PCI DSS-accredited, cloud based, safe document repository and management system .

It can be difficult to manage the security of your clients' confidential information, when your IT staff doesn't have the resources to handle it.
ShieldQ does the heavy lifting for you: our affordable, accredited document and storage service secures your data in minutes. Login, and begin.

The International Airline and Travel Association’s (IATA) is requiring all agents to prove they're PCI DSS compliant. Otherwise, they may not retain or request membership.
Affordable, cloud-based ShieldQ lets you become PCI DSS compliant in an instant.

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