ShieldQ for Lawyers

ShieldQ for Lawyers


Clients judge firms by their promise to keep confidential information like contracts and property agreements, and communications, absolutely secure. The fewer people having access to their files, the better.

Law firms of any size can count on cloud-based ShieldQ. This affordable, ISO 27001-certified, PCI DSS-accredited document management and storage platform to offer the highest level of secure communications and storage for faxes, forms, uploads and emails.

What's in it for you?

  • Instant, affordable /en-us/compliance. PCI DSS-accreditation, ISO-27001 certification; no need to invest in costly, lengthy compliance processes
  • Instant deployment. Login and begin; no IT, no software required  
  • Secured repository for all documents. Keep faxes, emails, uploads, forms, in one, easy-to-use management platform
  • Digitized legacy files. Upload paper-based documents you need to keep into ShieldQ's safe online platform. Integrates with legacy document management systems
  • Customized webforms streamline client intake. Create as many as you need, and let clients submit forms, upload documents, sign and submit – in one easy process
  • Controlled collaboration. Assign sharing permissions on a need-to-see basis, by group or by individuals
  • Unlimited storage
  • Fast document retrieval. Use your own familiar search terms (real estate sale; court dates) to find what you need, quickly. No more looking through paper files
  • Ability to integrate with legacy CRM and practice management software solutions. Contact us for details

How can you use ShieldQ?

  • Let users update their credit card information directly into secure webforms

  • Meet GDPR standards by the ability to identify where data is stored. Convert paper-based legacy documents into digital files and store them in ShieldQ

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