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ShieldQ is a cloud-based platform that provides compliance in an instant, automating the way users can accept, store, share and access documents containing confidential information. We understand that no single company -- regardless of size, reputation, or service -- can effectively support all types of customer requirements. Therefore, we are seeking partnerships with companies worldwide to create a network that can deliver all elements of a complete solution.


We offer two types of partnership: a "country representative" relationship and an "agent" relationship. The difference between the two manifests itself mostly in billing and branding. As an agent, you refer clients to ShieldQ and we take over from there, providing the service and supporting and billing the client. As a country representative, you represent ShieldQ in your country, managing marketing, sales, support and billing under the ShieldQ brand.

Country representatives

Country representatives enable ShieldQ to offer our clients a localized experience, such as a local-language web site, local telephone numbers, local-currency billing, and local-language support. To see in which countries InterFAX is currently represented, see our about page. (If we are already represented in your country, but you still feel that you can add value to our offering, please contact us at the address below). ShieldQ and country representatives cooperate on a revenue-share basis. ShieldQ takes responsibility for service provision, system maintenance, second- and third-level support, and performing monthly billing. Country representatives assume responsibility for local marketing and sales - including translation and maintenance of the local-language website, first-level customer support, and billing and collections.


Would you like to resell ShieldQ services in your country?

If you possess the following attributes, we will be happy to discuss this opportunity with you further:

  • Established presence in the IT/ Internet/ Communications/ Messaging industries
  • Established business client base
  • Experience selling subscription-based services
  • Sales and marketing capabilities in your home market
  • First-level support capability
  • Capable of translating and managing a dynamic website

Please contact us with your details.


ShieldQ Agent

Profit from existing and new professional connections. As a ShieldQ agent you earn referral fees by introducing your customers to ShieldQ. The referral fees are derived as a percentage of your customers' activity. Who are we looking for? If you are an 

  • IT consultant
  • Provide outsourced software development services or
  • Sell an application

this type of partnership may apply to you. Simply refer your customers to register with ShieldQ through a co-branded landing page. Once they register, we handle everything: provisioning, support, and billing -- while you earn a referral fee.

Benefits of partnering with ShieldQ

  • Decrease your time to market
  • Offer a new and unique feature for your customers
  • Increase and diversify your revenue stream
  • Get unlimited high-level support and quick response time
  • Avoid service provision and maintenance headaches

What makes our services so great?

  • Provides compliance in an instant. ShieldQ is the only secure, compliant platform that lets users to easily accept, store, share and access sensitive documents with complete confidence, because it is independently certified to meet the world’s most stringent security standards.
  • Easy to set up. No special training, hardware or software is required.
  • Single management point. Users can receive multiple document types into a unified queue: faxes, documents or filtered emails.
  • Controlled access. Users can share documents on a need-to-see basis, by individual or group, and can enable auto-sharing.
  • Safe storage. Users can choose which documents to keep, how long to keep them and where to store them: 8 global locations
  • Free, intelligent, technical support.
  • Quick response by a professional technical support team.
  • Continuous improvement. We adjust and improve our service to our customer's needs, communicating regularly with our customers to gather input and to address real business needs.
  • Business oriented. Our service was developed purely for businesses and for business related tasks.
  • Security and privacy. Our customers' data is handled with security and privacy in mind. We are accredited for PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, ISO 27001 and the EU GDPR.

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