ShieldQ for Hotels


ShieldQ for Hotels

Hotels need to give their guests the flexibility to book and to receive credit card authorizations via all communications channels: whether they be faxes, emails or forms. These messages contain sensitive guest information. And if there's a data breach, you're in trouble.

Protect your hotel from exposure with ShieldQ, the cloud-based, accredited document management and storage service. Suitable for hotels of any size -- from a small hotel to a worldwide chain -- affordable ShieldQ sets up in minutes: no IT, no software. Login, and begin.

Once files arrive at ShieldQ's accredited online document repository, you can easily manage all activity, from one, secure environment.

What's in it for you?

  • Data security compliance. We've undergone rigorous evaluations so that guest data remains compliant and protected, at all times:
  • Consolidation from multiple channels. Accept bookings from fax, email, webforms, uploads into one, secure queue 
  • Group or individual collaboration. Share files with your front desk, or choose specific people to share documents with, on the fly
  • Sensitive information, redacted. Black out information like credit card numbers
  • Customizable webforms. Easy for you to create, easy for visitors to use, filling in details, adding files (ID numbers, passports), and signing, in one simple process
  • Data storage. Keep documents safe indefinitely; first 12 months, free
  • Instant file retrieval. Use familiar search terms using customized properties (check-in date, reference number) to find files immediately. No more searching through physical files
  • Infinitely scalable. from one hotel, to worldwide chains

How can you use ShieldQ?

  • Receive faxes into one secure environment. Never lose a fax again
  • Receive unsolicited emails containing credit card, other sensitive details. We've got you covered. Use existing or private email domain
  • Accept credit card authorizations securely via ShieldQ's accredited environment
  • Let visitors book rooms and events easily via webforms

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