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ShieldQ for Healthcare

Patient registration requires a lot of paper. They fill in paper forms, fax them or bring them into the clinic. It takes time, making them wait even longer for their appointments. Once the forms come in, they sit in a paper tray. But they can contain sensitive medical records, insurance documents – typically arriving by fax, to be scanned, manually, and sent to the right departments. They're exposed to anyone passing by. They can also get lost. They often do.

ShieldQ lets you go paperless securely, with its cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant document management and storage platform. Using ShieldQ, patients can fill in forms online, upload any clinical or non-clinical records (insurance forms), sign and submit.
When patients arrive at their appointments, their information is already there, stored in one, secure virtual in-tray. And that means your doctors have more time to spend with patients.

What can ShieldQ for Healthcare do for you?

  • Instant, affordable HIPAA-compliance. No more worries about exposure. No need to invest in costly, lengthy compliance processes
  • Customizable webforms streamline patient registration. No more burdensome paper filings. Create as many forms as you want, and let patients upload records, referral slips and other documents, sign and submit
  • Virtual in-tray prevents data exposure. ShieldQ's cloud-based platform lets you keep all sensitive information safe from prying eyes
  • No more wasting time distributing records to far-flung departments. Scan and upload faxes, emails straight to the secure ShieldQ repository
  • Collaboration by medical team or individuals. Assign sharing permissions on a need-to-see basis
  • Digitized clinical and non-clinical records. Never lose papers again. Accept faxes/forms/uploads/emails into one central queue
  • Instant deployment. Login and begin; no IT, no software required  
  • Infinitely scalable. From small clinics to large
  • Simplified management. Automate inbound form tagging/categorization
  • Secure data storage. Retain indefinitely
  • Consolidated legacy data. Keep all your records in one place by uploading paper-based legacy records into ShieldQ's cloud-based environment
  • Integration with EHR/EMR systems. Contact us for details
  • Logs-tracking activity throughout the system, for audits/appeals

How can you use ShieldQ?

  • Keep patients’ confidential information secure, at all times, with HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST-accredited ShieldQ
  • Go paperless with ShieldQ’s secure, virtual fax in-tray. No more chaos: never lose a confidential fax again
  • Automate patient registration using webforms. Eliminate delays; take on more patients

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