Internal uploads

Internal uploads

ShieldQ's upload service works for your users and for you: it lets users securely provide you with their sensitive documents, from proofs of ID to passports documents, directly from our handy webforms service, and lets your staff upload legacy documents into our cloud-based document repository, ready for retrieval whenever you need them   

What's in it for you?

  • Written notes/legacy file uploaded to ShieldQ's handy webform
    • How often does your staff scribble orders or other sensitive information while on the phone?  You'll never have to worry about losing those notes again: just upload them to your webform, and they'll be safe
    • You can do the same with legacy files: upload, submit and you're done
  • GDPR compliance. With the EU's GDPR, you'll need to know where all sensitive data is kept. Get organized by digitizing legacy files and placing them together with all your other files, in ShieldQ's cloud-based secure documents management platform


Who needs ShieldQ uploads?

Anyone who needs to receive confidential files from users, and who needs to know where all confidential data is stored to meet GDPR's standards.

Industries using this service include: 


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