Secure webforms, secure uploads

Secure webforms, secure uploads

Streamline your workflow: Create and launch webforms in minutes, and let your visitors submit upload documents, provide credit card data and sign -- all in one go.

What's in it for you?

  • Easy for you to create
    • Create an unlimited number of PCI DSS-accredited, HIPAA-compliant forms. Built-in templates let you drag & drop fields for easy, fast creation
    • Customize webforms. Personalize on your own, or we can do it for you -- including onboarding and migration
    • Align forms to your own website’s look and feel
      • Customize fields. Choose from multiple options
      • Secured fields. Unlike other webform solutions, all ShieldQ's fields -- including the upload field, are totally secured
  • Integrate with any web platform. Embed on your site as simple URLs or iFrames, on any platform
  • Retrieve forms instantly. Choose your own terms to find info, quickly: e.g., reference #
    • Full management. Share, edit, redact sensitive info
  • Enable internal uploads. Let your staff input phone or personal information, orders and payments directly into form: no more unsecured, written notes
  • Receive email alerts. Get immediate notifications when forms are received into ShieldQ’s secure inbox
  • Easy for users
    • Visitors fill in one secure webform, with all their info
    • Eliminate the complication of sending follow-up documentation via fax/email: Visitors can scan and upload documents and images -- passport/drivers license/medical record images -- from a secure, online form. All data goes directly into our accredited platform, in one file
    • Users upload files -- passport/drivers license/medical record images -- and submit: no more sending files separately
  • Simplify credit card authorization: customers add ID proofs (passport/drivers' license) and send
  • Upload directly from mobile devices or desktops
  • Capture signatures. Customers sign just like they do on paper forms

Who needs ShieldQ webforms?

Anyone who wants to streamline the way they work and make it easy for users to submit sensitive credit card info, upload documentation, sign and submit in one process.

Industries using ShieldQ webforms include:

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