Maintain full accreditation with ShieldQ's PCI DSS-accredited software

Travel Agents

Travel Agents

To retain or request membership, the International Airline and Travel Association’s (IATA)'s business/leisure travel agents must prove PCI DSS compliance: an expensive, lengthy process.
Become PCI DSS-compliant instantly, with affordable, cloud-based ShieldQ. This secure, online document repository accepts, stores and transmits payment cards, safeguarding data.

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The ShieldQ Difference for Travel Agents

Ensure customer data is always secure: ShieldQ is a PCI DSS-accredited platform from an ISO 27001-certified provider

Comply with IATA's PCI DSS requirements affordably. No more worries about investing in expensive, lengthy compliance processes

Users can provide all their info via one, accredited webform. Let them upload files (proofs of ID, passports), sign and submit

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