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Interfax is now ISO 27001 certified

Interfax Communications Ltd. and its services is proud to announce that we'vejoined a select list of companies, which includes Xerox, Pfizer and Vodafone, in becoming ISO 27001 certified by an authorized body, Certification Europe.

As you likely know, ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized and respected standard in in information security. Completely neutral, the standard applies an exacting, risk-based approach to determine the security of data in an organization, assessing IT structure, processes and people. Find out more on our ISO 27001 certification page.


Announcing New ShieldQ Features

Secure webforms service makes it easy to do business

Get more done with ShieldQ's secure, all-in-one webforms:

  • Easy for you: launch customized forms in minutes, using drag & drop fields
  • Easy for customers: they just add payment details, files (proofs of ID, medical records), sign and submit. Forms go directly into ShieldQ's secure inbox.

New storage locations

ShieldQ has added even more secure Amazon Web Service locations to its already extensive list of storage sites, to ensure maximum global coverage. Click here for the list.

In the press

Travel Weekly

IATA is coming down hard on members who are not compliant, surprising them with this new requirement. What will smaller as well as larger hotel organizations do? Outsourcing PCI DSS compliance presents an approach that can work for all types of hospitality organizations. 

Beta News

The hospitality sector accounts for the highest number of cards lost in any data breach, according to a recent report. Why? Tthe use of outdated, legacy systems, not investing in the latest security technologies, lack of clarity on who 'owns' data security within the organization and the fact that, for cyber criminals, businesses handling card data in this sector represent a highly lucrative target. Hotels, find out what you need to do to avoid becoming another sad statistic, by becoming PCI DSS and GDPR compliant.

Hospitality Technology

Before you know it, the May 2018 deadline for GDPR enforcement will be here. It takes a lot of smart planning, which ought to have begun yesterday, at least. Find out what you need to know to be GDPR ready.

Hospitality Today

There's a huge amount of guest data that hotels must account for, if they don't want to run foul of GDPR.  It can be overwhelming to consider all the factors involved in complying ShieldQ provides precised guidelines on what you need to do to be GDPR-ready.


Read ShieldQ security strategist Geoff Milton's take on why the EU GDPR is a game changer for hoteliers, what they need to do to comply, and the benefits of taking the neccessary measures to protect their guests from security breaches.


Find out why faxes are more relevant than ever:

Hotel Business UK

Who's liable for a data breach at a hotel? Read the article: 


Responsibility for data security is not as straightforward as you may think. Read the article, Taking responsibiity for hotel data breaches, to learn more.



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