ShieldQ for Travel Agents

ShieldQ for Travel Agents


Business/leisure travel agents who are members of the International Airline and Travel Association’s (IATA)'s business/leisure travel agents may get grounded if they can't prove PCI DSS compliance: an expensive, lengthy process. They won't be able to apply for membership, or retain any existing membership.
The good news is, you can become PCI DSS compliant instantly, with cloud-based ShieldQ. Available for travel agencies of any size, this affordable document management and storage platform accepts, stores and transmits payment cards, safeguarding data. You can also send documents via PCI DSS-accredited fax.

What's in it for you?

  • Affordable /en-au/compliance in an instant. ShieldQ has undergone rigorous evaluations to become PCI DSS-accredited and ISO 27001-certified, and is GDPR ready. No more concerns about lengthy, costly processes to become compliant
  • Customizable webforms let you get your job done, faster. Create as many forms as you need, and eliminate the need for clients to fax additional information (proofs of ID, passports). They can upload all records, sign and submit
  • Filtered emails. Accept and store unsolicited and solicited mails containing sensitive info into ShieldQ's secure environment
  • Instant deployment. no IT, no software required  
  • Secured repository for all documents. Keep faxes, emails, uploads, forms, in one, easy-to-use management platform
  • Unlimited storage 

How can you use ShieldQ?

  • Let users update their credit card information directly into secure webforms

  • Meet GDPR standards by the ability to identify where data is stored. Convert paper-based legacy documents into digital files and store them in ShieldQ

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