ShieldQ for Accounting


ShieldQ for Accounting

When clients hire you as their accountant, they trust you'll know how to safeguard their most confidential financial records. Without a dedicated IT team, you may not be able to be as vigilant as you need to be.

With affordable, PCI DSS-accredited and ISO 27001-certified ShieldQ, you can protect your clients' information instantly. This cloud-based data management and storage platform lets you accept and store all documents in a unified, secure environment.

What's in it for you?

  • Affordable compliance in an instant. ShieldQ has undergone rigorous evaluations to become PCI DSS-accredited and ISO 27001-certified, and is GDPR ready. No more concerns about lengthy, costly processes to become compliant
  • Immediate deployment, intuitive interface. ShieldQ sets up in minutes; no IT, no software
  • Digitized legacy files. Upload paper-based documents you need to keep into ShieldQ's safe online platform
  • Integration with accounting systemsContact us for more details
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Customized properties for fast document retrieval. Use your own familiar search terms (fiscal year, submission date)  to find what you need, quickly. No more looking through paper files
  • Audit trails. Keep track of everything going on in ShieldQ's data management system

How can you use ShieldQ?

  • Ensure that documents remain safe in one, secured queue
  • Convert archived paper files into digital documents, stored in ShieldQ
  • Eliminate the need to hire IT teams to handle data security

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