Secure online fax

Secure online fax

Go digital, securely, with ShieldQ: send and receive faxes into safe, data storage online.

What's in it for you?

  • Faxes accepted into a safe, accredited environmentPCI DSS-accredited, ISO 270001-certified; HIPAA-compliant
  • Dedicated, secure fax numbers. Allowed file formats: pdf, tif, png
  • File sharing online:
    • On the fly, or automatically share, by predefining this feature
    • Group share. Collaborate easily by allowing team members to share faxes. When you add new group members, they can see all shared documents, even documents that were shared previously
  • Secure online fax transmission. With ShieldQ, you can be assured that you're sending faxes in accordance with standard organizations' most stringent data security standards
  • Safe storage, for as long as you need 

Who needs ShieldQ fax?

Anyone who needs to accept and send confidential information, like credit card numbers, passports, medical records.

Industries using this service include: 

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