Secure emails

Secure emails

No more worries about getting emails containing sensitive data. ShieldQ's PCI DSS-accredited, HIPAA-compliant email service lets you accept messages into a secure, online document management platform. 

What's in it for you?

  • Storage for sensitive legacy emails. You can retain those sensitive legacy mails you've found, by migrating them from OST/PST files on your server, and dynamically storing them into ShieldQ's secure environment
  • Filtered emails. ShieldQ checks if the email actually came from the domain owner, and if the sender appears on spammer blacklists
  • Secure email options:
    • Data-loss prevention (DLP) solutions. If you use or plan to use DLP offerings such as Barracuda, Symantec or Spamina, you can use their content filtering tools to identify all emails that contain predefined parameters such as a personal account number (PAN) or social security number. Then, you can automatically route those emails in real time, straight to your chosen email address within the ShieldQ domain, using TLS 1.1 encryption or higher.

    • Fully integrated email re-routing. With ShieldQ, you can send nominated email addresses to your domain, which can be automatically re-routed to your chosen email address within the ShieldQ domain, using TLS 1.1 encryption or higher.
    • Dedicated domain. ShieldQ can allocate to you a dedicated email box, which treats all incoming messages as secure, delivered to a unified queue over the TLS channel. With this option, users receive their own email address (i.e., your

Note: Users must ensure that they have enabled TLS.

Who needs ShieldQ email?

Any organization that receives unsolicited email containing sensitive credit card and personal information. Now they can accept such emails without worrying that they are insecure.

Industries using ShieldQ for email include:

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