Keep confidential data safe

Secure personal and payment card data with ShieldQ: the independently accredited service that lets you accept emails, fax and uploads in a safe, compliant queue

Instant compliance

Become compliant in an instant: no more costly, lengthy processes

Instant Access

Automate the way you receive and retrieve messages

Instant Security

Keep confidential information safe from misuse, breaches or other incidents

Instant Peace of Mind

Gain complete confidence: independently certified to meet the world’s most stringent security standards

Shield confidential data in an instant

If you deal with sensitive messages, you know you need to safeguard confidential payment data or personal information. Because if there's a breach, you'll be heavily fined for non-compliance. And you'll also lose your hard-earned reputation.
With ShieldQ, commonly used business processes become compliant in an instant, without investing in costly, time-consuming compliance efforts.

Accept, Store, Share, Access
Independently accredited by the world’s most stringent security standards, this cloud-based service lets users accept, store, share and access sensitive messages with complete confidence.

Automate the way you handle sensitive messages, all from one secure, online queue

Accept messages from multiple channels: document/image uploads, emails or fax from customers and staff via desktop or smartphone

Share messages individually or in a group, with full audit trails

Simplify search and retrieval using customizable document tagging, renaming and cross-referencing with other business processes

Access from anywhere, anytime: desktop, smartphone, tablet or API

Black-out specific details to protect sensitive data; e.g., payment card information; social security numbers, patient ID

Store data safely:
Choose what to keep and for how long in one of 7 global storage locations

How it works

About us

ShieldQ was developed by InterFAX, the online messaging company, with over 20 years' experience in providing highly reliable, flexible and secure online document exchange solutions.

InterFAX sends and receives over 200 million pages a year for 60,000+ subscribers in 159 countries.

Points-of-presence in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Japan and Australia with hundreds of fax servers and thousands of phone lines ensure unbeatable performance.

More about us


ShieldQ by InterFAX is the first Internet faxing company to be accredited as a Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant service provider. Dedicated to offering highly secure fax services that meet the world's most stringent privacy and security regulations, InterFAX is committed to helping clients address PCI DSS by ensuring that our services fully comply with the standard.